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    Sobre “El Enquiridión” y el legado de Epicteto / On the “Enchiridion” and Epictetus' Legacy

    Although a bit elusive, as in terms of availability of texts, Stoicism survived the course of time. Impregnated within the minds of some of the world’s greatest generals, the core of Stoicism’s creator, Zeno of Citium, was somehow preserved, yet still transfigu.

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    Comparing marketing Starbucks and Amazon

    The objective of this assignment is for senior managers to understand the challenges of the marketing department and the consequences of their strategies with regard to market segmentation, building market share, and developing brand equity. .

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    Barack Obama- Speech analysis

    Once you have chosen a speech, you will write a 3 to 4 page paper discussing the following: Historical significance of the speech. Discuss the circumstances that led to the speech being given. Why was this the appropriate time to give this particular speech? Why.

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    The United States of America presidency has attracted several candidates in the ongoing campaign. Some of the three nominees in different political parties are; Donald Trump who is vying for president with a Republican ticket, Hillary Clinton of the Democrat, and J.

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